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New Website The new website will be updated in the coming weeks to look even more shiny !
MineOS+ MineOS+ is the low resources, easy set up Linux OS for hosting your MC world
Full Bukkit Support MineOS+ features one-click updates to Bukkit  
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MineOS+ is a big feature, low memory, linux distro dedicated to running your very own minecraft server with the greatest ease and functionality. 


Some say it is the ultimate minecraft server...

They’re right!


MineOS+ can do many things which no other set-up can with this much ease.


It can even be installed directly to (or from) a USB stick


Why bother with expensive hosting when you can bring that dusty old computer you relegated to the cupboard a few years back, and host your own fully functioning Minecraft server for nothing!


Added to that the inclusion lighttpd (the driving force behing YouTube) complete with PHP5 and MySQL,

you can have your own forums and website up in no time !


MineOS+ is based off a tiny linux, aptly named: 

‘Tiny Core Linux’

Everything that applies to this OS you find should apply to MineOS+